Julie Booksh
Counselor • Spiritual Coach
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I teach people how to cut through the BS that minimizes, reduces, labels or traps them. I teach people to meet and embrace more of their unique wisdom so they can live a life that is meaningful and true to them.
“There is a still and loving Presence within you and at the same time beyond you. Call it the Universe.
Call it the Divine or your True Nature. It doesn’t care what you call it. It is calling you!”

– Julie Booksh

Free On Demand Class – Rethinking Happiness: Connecting More Deeply To Your Soul

Our culture is more concerned with perpetuating the image of an unrealistic happiness than teaching us to really care for ourselves. Our emotional and spiritual needs are ignored leaving us more stressed, sick and tired. We are not taught about the potential in our problems (i.e. anxiety, sadness, fear, physical illness and pain, anger, etc.) and we miss out on the wisdom and healing found there. It’s no wonder we have the problems we see in the world today! There is another way. There is a more loving and life enhancing way that allows who you really are, your creativity, your power and a more real happiness to emerge.



Rethinking Happiness: Connecting More Deeply To Your Soul – A Free Class


The Wisdom of Anger & Pitfalls of Forgiveness Zoom Class (Coming Soon)


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