How is your body?

There is so much grief, anger, outrage, sorrow, vengeance and pain in the world and your body sometimes holds that tension.

Have you checked on that sweet vessel of yours?

How is your stomach doing given what you are seeing and hearing is so sickening, so gut wrenching, so impossible to digest?

How are your feet? You may want to ground yourself but find it hard to pause – hard to stop and feel so you understandably keep moving on your feet.

Where is there tension in your body? Where do you ache given all the heartbreak?

Be gentle dear soul. Check in on your body. See if you can help her rest. Hold her.

Maybe a heating pad would help comfort and soothe some aches. Maybe some ice would help with any burning.

Maybe a walk and some fresh air would be good medicine for a moment helping her loosen and release.

Check on your body. Rub her tender feet. Let her eyes rest. Let her weep.