julie booksh

activist for the soul


“Ultimately, the journey can’t be captured with words.
It’s more like a tune or rhythm, and each person has their own.”

- Julie Booksh

A Self Care Reflection

How is your body? There is so much grief, anger, outrage, sorrow, vengeance and pain in the world and your body sometimes holds that tension. Have you

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Talking Back To God

Talking back to God can be a very healing practice.  Many people haven’t felt like they could talk back to God even in the midst of tremendous loss.

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An Updated Faith

Do you ever wish you had more faith but aren’t really sure what that means? Do you wonder what or who you have faith in and how

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Basking in Death

This one is dedicated to those who so bravely teach us how die. May we learn how to die before we die so we can truly live.

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Inner Persecutor vs Julie

Conscious Conversations: Short stories and other musings. Inner Persecutor vs. Julie I got so sick of reading other people’s stories. I had reached a point where I

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For the Love of Questions

During the holidays my husband and I attended a beautiful Christmas service called Christmas Carols and Lessons. Within five minutes I was moved by the music and

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