The Wisdom of Anger & Pitfalls of Forgiveness Zoom Class (Coming Soon)

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The Wisdom of Anger & Pitfalls of Forgiveness
Date: Coming Soon….

Many popular teachings on anger and forgiveness add pressure and actually keep us stuck. These teachings can negatively impact our emotional and physical health as well as our relationships. I’ll introduce you to new and more liberating ways to look at both. It’s time we free ourselves from the rigid cultural teachings that try to convince us to be anything other than human.

Curriculum and Objectives:

  • Learn about the ways we consciously and unconsciously avoid anger and the side effects of this.
  • Discover the Wisdom of Anger and how things that disturb us are often soul callings.
  • Develop an understanding of skilled anger and its benefits.
  • Deepen your awareness of what forgiveness is and its pitfalls.
  • Open yourself up to your own personal definition and experience of forgiveness.
  • Learn about the prerequisites for forgiveness.

This zoom class will be half presentation and half discussion. Please feel free to email me any questions you might have before class. If you prefer to ask questions during our discussion time that is fine too.