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Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit

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Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
Get Fit Mental Health:
A New Look at Forgiveness

Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
Toxic Positivity

Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
Losing my Religion, Finding my Faith

Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
Hearing Your Body's Voice

Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
The Wisdom of Anger

Julie on Fox 2 News Detroit:
Why is it So Hard to be Wrong?


How to Have a Healthy Relationship When You’re Home Together 24/7

"Being clear about what we need is important,” says Julie Booksh, M.A., L.P.C., a marriage and family therapist."

9 Expert-Recommended Ways to Boost Your Mood

"It “allows space for the truth of what we are feeling,” says licensed mental health counselor Julie Booksh, MA, LPC. Trying too hard to fight a mood (this includes never taking time to...

Choose Kindness by Learning How to Manage Anger

It is often said that everything we need to know in life is taught in kindergarten: how to share, be considerate of others, and to stay within the lines while coloring.

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