Inner Critic Masterclass

Inner Critic Masterclass: Transforming Self-Criticism into Self-Love


Inner Critic Masterclass: Transforming Self-criticism into Self-love

Do you have nagging thoughts about not being good enough physically, emotionally or spiritually? Maybe you really hard on yourself, or you often doubt and second guess yourself.

If so, you may be dealing with a harsh inner critic. Many of us were taught to see ourselves with critical eyes rather than loving eyes. Inner criticism is such a well grooved pattern for many of us that we don’t always realize it is happening.

In order to transform your inner critic, you have to study it, learn its moves and patterns and understand  its roots. Inner critics are often created when we internalize harmful messages we may have received from caretakers, family or friends. Messages that told us we were too much or too little of something were often internalized by us in order to keep us safe. We learned not to show certain parts of ourselves or to constantly try to change parts of ourselves to win the love and approval of others or worse, to protect us from the abuse or judgment of others.

People can often acknowledge they are hard on themselves, but they don’t always realize the depth and gravity of this. This is the hardest part of transforming an inner critic. I see it live in people unrecognized and unchallenged. It’s voice lives rent free in your head where it is constantly criticizing you, pushing you around and even abusing you…until you learn to talk back to it, challenge it and stand up to it.

In this class you will learn to:

  • Recognize the inner critic and its patterns.
  • Stand up to the critic, draw boundaries with it and tell it NO.
  • Recognize how your body responds to inner criticism.
  • Not shame yourself for having an inner critic.
  • See your self through loving eyes that comfort, encourage and support rather than criticize and fix.

All of this helps you practice loving presence with yourself and strengthen your ability to challenge patterns and stories that keep you stuck. Growing this type of presence and skill fosters healing and resilience and even seems to connect us with something Bigger than ourselves at times.

Class Date and Time: Thursday, March 14, 2024 from 7:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST

This class is for you if:

      • You want to learn how to recognize and stand up to inner criticism.
      • You are ready to empower yourself with the skills and knowledge that help you transform criticism into love.
      • You desire more self-compassion, kindness and love.
      • You long for more freedom and inner peace.

This group is Not for you if:

      • You are not interested in deeper connection with yourself and you are looking for quick fixes only.
      • You are looking for therapy and treatment for your specific diagnosis, trauma or crisis. While you might learn a little about trauma, deepen your awareness about trauma’s effects and discover tools you can use on your path, this course is not a treatment program. If you are looking to address your specific trauma or crisis you probably want and need more than this group. You deserve a space where you can take your time navigating your specific situation.
      • You don’t like hearing curse words. Curse words help me express myself, and I can’t promise you won’t hear any…especially on this topic.

Important Note: This class is for self-discovery, learning and practice. It is not for diagnosis, evaluation or treatment of any particular disease, disorder or condition. It is for learning and informational purposes only.

This class will not be recorded.

What people are saying about Julie:

“Julie has a gift in the way she communicates her messages that are both relatable and actionable. Over the years, I have participated in group sessions and as an audience member at various speaking engagements of Julie Booksh, and no matter what the experience is, Julie successfully connects with me in a way that immediately makes me physically feel better. Through Julie’s insight and teachings, I have become a stronger, more confident person and I have opened not only my mind, but have also learned to “listen” to my body. If you have an opportunity to spend time with Julie…jump at it! I am so blessed to have Julie and her beautiful mind in my life.” – M.J.

“Within the past 5 months, l’ve taken 2, 4 week classes with Julie. To say they were life changing is an understatement! The work we did in the classes changed how I think and feel about myself and refocused me to truly take care of my heart & soul. The work she guided us to do in our sessions awoke things inside of me that I didn’t know still existed at 50 years old! It led to doing the writing exercises on my own that turned into hundreds of pages of gratitude, which led to vision boards, which led to giving myself the time I didn’t know I need to take care and work on myself. I know this may sound extreme but 4 months later, I left my sales position for a corporate monster of a company for a VP position at an awesome firm I truly believe in! And to top it off, I ended a long term/long distance relationship with a good guy and met the one! Looking forward to the next class, wondering what other wonderful changes are to come! Thank you, Julie! You are a true inspiration and healer!” – T.V.



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