Intro to Working with Body Symptoms (Coming Soon)


Our bodies are a strong channel of connection to our deepest self. With all of the fixing, diagnosing, judging and pushing we do we often miss the chance to connect more deeply to the incredible well of wisdom our bodies hold. Fortunately, Soul and Body keep giving us chances. In our culture bodies are often viewed as machines to be dominated, overcome and made to power through. Our bodies are much more than that. They are a source of intelligence, wisdom and sacred presence ready and willing to share with you.

It is time for bodies to take their rightful place as a friend of the Soul. God knows we need all the support we can get especially now. We walk around all day unaware of this vast resource of support. It is time we turn our attention to this gift.

In this series, we’ll take a look at a new way of seeing and understanding the body, expand your awareness of your relationship with your body and learn some simple tools for connecting more deeply with the messages symptoms often carry.

In working with body symptoms you will begin to:

  • Access the creative and spiritual insights of your body.
  • Uncover the deeper meaning of symptoms.
  • Build a new relationship with your body as a friend of your Soul.
  • Discover the innate intelligence of your body.

The goal of this class is to begin to learn how to listen to your body’s voice. To develop a more loving and tender relationship with your body and have more calm and wisdom in caring for your body’s woes. Join me for this two-part series.

Read about a time when my body told me, “I need you to respect me” click here.


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