Losing My Religion, Finding My Faith Part 2

Losing My Religion, Finding My Faith: A 4-week Zoom Course for Self-discovery and Spiritual Exploration


A 4-week Zoom Course for Self-discovery and Spiritual Exploration

Many people have been harmed by toxic views of God and Spirituality. These toxic ideas keep us from trusting our deepest self and from accessing the Love and Divinity that lives in us.

These toxic ideas include things like:

  • God loves you more than it is humanly possible but that same god would send you to burn in hell for all of eternity.
  • God controls everything like an air traffic controller in the sky.
  • God protects or favors any one group over another.
  • Sin makes you unworthy of God’s love.
  • God takes people from us.
  • God allows evil.
  • You are somehow being punished when bad things happen.
  • Your body is not spiritual.

These ideas have hurt a lot of people. If you are one of them, this class is for you.

It is time to debunk this bullshit and unlearn some bad religion. In the process we will use self-discovery to help you know and understand your true self.

We will explore questions and topics like:

  • What is God? What god is not.
  • How our view of God impacts how we treat ourselves and each other.
  • What is Spirituality? Why do you think you need it? What do you think makes you spiritual?
  • What is shame?
  • Faith in self and soul as key pieces of the spiritual puzzle.
  • The body as an intelligent friend of the soul

We will build on the best of religion, spirituality and healing and leave behind the toxicity often found in all of these.

In this 4 week course you will learn:

  • About the damage done by popular views of god.
  • To identify and disrupt the unconscious violence we inflict on ourselves.
  • The different ways that Soul speaks.
  • How to let your doubt, your body and feelings guide you.
  • How to rest in your authentic essence of Love

The journey of self-discovery is a journey to more peace and power. It is also a spiritual path.

Each night we will meet for 90 minutes.

This course will be a combination of intellectual learning, education through storytelling and exercises that provide personal experience. There will also be plenty of room for discussion. Come slow down with me and explore these deeply important topics.

Important Note: This class is for self-discovery, learning and practice. It is not for diagnosis, evaluation or treatment of any particular disease or condition. It is for learning and informational purposes only.

*The Zoom link will be sent the day of each meeting. This class will be recorded and replays will be made available.

Class Start Date:

    • Wednesday, September 27th 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM EST

This class IS for you if:

  • You are a doubter
  • You have struggled with popular teachings on God.
  • The views of God and faith you were raised on don’t fit any more.
  • Even some of the new age spirituality feels off to you.
  • You want to believe in something but you aren’t sure what.
  • You want spiritual nourishment.
  • You want more peace of mind.

This class is NOT for you if:

  • You believe your god is the one true god and the Faith of others is wrong.
  • You believe the Bible is the only way and is the inerrant word of God.
  • You don’t like to question conventional views of God.
  • You believe you are here to convert people to your religion.
  • You don’t like hearing curse words. Curse words help me express myself, and I can’t promise you won’t hear any…especially on this topic.

What people are saying:

“Julie is engaging, insightful, incredibly witty and wickedly funny – you will certainly laugh, probably cry, and definitely walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself and the societal norms that so often get and keep us stuck. I highly recommend her classes!” – Amy L.

“Julie is an amazing teacher! Her classes are beautiful. The kindness and care that comes from Julie is just oozing of love. Take a class from Julie, any class, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” – Gayle K.

“Julie has a gift in the way she communicates her messages that are both relatable and actionable. Over the years, I have participated in group sessions and as an audience member at various speaking engagements of Julie Booksh, and no matter what the experience is, Julie successfully connects with me in a way that immediately makes me physically feel better. Through Julie’s insight and teachings, I have become a stronger, more confident person and I have opened not only my mind, but have also learned to “listen” to my body. If you have an opportunity to spend time with Julie…jump at it! I am so blessed to have Julie and her beautiful mind in my life!” – M.J.



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