What’s Wrong with You is Right

Hiding from our feelings does not help us. Learning to name and care for your emotions and knowing it is ok to feel them (all of them) is liberating.

The more you do this the more you reach the vastness and the power in you. You learn there is room for all of your emotions and that you are bigger than any single one of them. 

The challenge is we are surrounded by absurd images of what happiness and health supposedly look lke. I can’t stand messaging that:

  • implies we should be happy all the time. 
  • tells us something is wrong with us if we feel angry, anxious, jealous, sad, etc. 
  • says something is wrong with us if we don’t look a certain way, age the “right” way or have a certain relationship. 
  • suggests we should live in love and light all of the time. 
  • touts “positive vibes only” or a constant “attitude of gratitude”.
  • tells us to “power through” with no regard for how we feel physically or emotionally.
  • suggests we need to be completely healed in order to be happy. 

I can’t stand this messaging that basically tells us that we should not be human. These messages keep us from the medicine often found in the very things we struggle with. This kind of messaging is oppressive.
I am committed to sharing a different message – a message that has saved me in more ways than one. It’s a message that helps us embrace our humanness. It helps us treat ourselves better when we struggle. 

It’s a message that helps us trust and believe in ourselves. It helps us become more skilled at life. It’s helps us find peace in the middle of life’s storms.

Please join me for this empowering class filled with deep learning and a more liberated way of living. 

Here’s the link to sign up for this live, online course: https://juliebooksh.com/product/whats-wrong-with-you-is-right-coming-soon That’s all for now.